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Why Diabetes Health Superfood Mix?

DIABETES HEALTH is a unique & formulated combination of nuts, seeds and berries which improve your insulin sensitivity, manage blood sugar levels and lower cholesterol that controls your diabetes & related symptoms.

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It is a formulated mix of different superfood, nuts and berries


They can be mixed with yogurt for a healthy and refreshing option or paired with a cup of tea for a delightful treat.


You can enjoy as a fulfilling mid-morning meal or as a delightful evening snack.


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What is Cirkle Street ?

Cirkle Street is a natural range of health foods made from superfood seeds and nuts that are healthier alternatives to regular foods, be it better nutritive value, carbohydrate management, sugar management or Keto diet friendly products. Cirkle Street offers health solution, convenience of consumption and fulfillment of taste and healthy snacking.

What benefits do Cirkle Street Products provides?

Cirkle Street products are designed to provide health benefits such as Diabetes, PCOS, Thyroid Management and Reversal, Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Immunity, Vitality and General Health.

Do Cirkle Street products have side effects?

Cirkle Street products are completely natural and carry 0 side effects.

How much quantity do i have to take daily?

You Have to consume 1 Packet of ICirkle Street Herb Coated Diabetes Health daily.

How can I consume this product?

You can Munch it straight out of the packet, enjoy it along with a cup of green tea or add it to your favorite smoothie just try to maintain a gap of 2 hours with your major meals.

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